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Tony is a Halifax-based trade unionist, social justice activist & rabble-rouser who views caffeine as his best friend at all times of day and night. Tony can be found on Twitter at @Tony_Tracy

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Stephen Lewis’s Eulogy to Jack Layton

Tony Tracy

Hundreds of thousands gathered across the country today to watch Jack Layton’s state funeral, either inside Toronto’s Roy Thompson Hall, outside in the nearby Nathan Phillips Square, in one of … Continue reading

Jack Layton’s Final Letter to Canadians – A Manifesto for Social Democracy

Tony Tracy

ack Layton’s last letter, which addressed to those on journeys to defeat cancer, to members of the New Democratic Party, to the NDP’s Parliamentary Caucus, to the people of Quebec, … Continue reading

Stephen Harper’s elimination of long-form census undermines research into education and incomes

Tony Tracy

reat article today by Charlie Smith in Vancouver’s about the Harper Conservative Government’s attacks on Statistics Canada and the long-form census. Stephen Harper’s elimination of long-form census undermines research … Continue reading

Billionaire Warren Buffet says “Stop Coddling the Super-Rich”

Tony Tracy

It was fantastic this week to see mega-billionaire Warren Buffet come out with a reasonable statement about fair taxation in the August 14th edition of the To say that … Continue reading

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